A simple, but powerful, program that will encrypt any text file. Use it to encrypt
email and other private material. Features Microsoft cryptography. Makes a great
password vault. For the Windows 10 platform.


This is a zip file:
1) Download
2) Run Setup.exe ( WINDOWS DEFENDER - Click on MORE INFO + RUN ANYWAYS )
3) Be sure to see Readme file ( HELP MENU -> README )

Setup should take about 10 seconds. If you are installing on another recent version of
Windows besides Windows 10, setup may want to download other supporting
software.         BULLET PROOF 3.0  README.TXT
You can also encrypt files easily with a standard Windows function. For example, create a new folder on your Desktop. Right click on the folder and select Properties -> Advanced. Select  Encrypt Contents.  Now, whatever is in the folder will be encrypted to any user except the Windows user who encrypted it.  I.E. your Windows log on password is the encryption key.