This program will encrypt any text file. Use it as a password vault or to encrypt other
sensitive material. Program features Microsoft cryptographic services - this is code
within the Windows operating system.

-Create a not empty text file on your computer that you don’t need – like a copy.
-Start the program and submit a password (THAT YOU WON'T FORGET) on the PASSWORD menu.
-Go to Help\About menu and agree to the terms of use. Click OK.
-Note that clicking the “X” button on any of the program’s forms will end the program.
-Click the SELECT FILE button and choose the text file you created.
-Click the VIEW FILE button and view the file, and then close.
-Click ENCODE.
-Click VIEW FILE to view the encoded file, and then close.
-At this point, your text file has been encoded and SAVED.
-Click DECODE. View the file, and then close.
-Click the "X" button (TOP RIGHT) to exit the program.

Note that you must decode a file with the same password used to encode it, and the program does not record
or save any passwords - if you lose your password, you lose your data.  Encoding a file wihout a password
is the same as using the null string - "" as a password. When this program encodes, the data is expanded and
the encoded file will be larger. Your password is an integral part of the encryption - your data can't be
decoded without it, and encoding the same file with two different passwords yields two distinct results.
Also, when a file is encoded, it is set to READ ONLY, and when decoded set to NORMAL. If you try to encode
a READ ONLY file you will encounter a warning before the file is encoded. You encounter a similar warning
if you try to decode a NORMAL file. You are advised to show your password when you submit it, since if you
mistype your password, your data will be lost.